In The Eye Of The Storm

In The Eye Of The Storm


Life's turbulence reminds me of its fragility 

Am I alone in the midst of nature's fury, unleashed?

Sounds of winds and rain speak of their presence

Always here, they're louder now, to get my attention


It is then I find safety, assurance, in a voice I hear

It tells me to listen to all around, to obey when a sound is heard

It's the still soft song I hear, when all around is raging 

Reminds me that while all is not good, it works together for the good


"This too will pass, it will not last", is said

I'll see a deliverer coming on the waves, hugging the storm, speaking to the winds

Then I'll know, not to fear, I'm one with nature, why should I care

This eye will look at me and ask how long will it take


Here I find my greatest joy, the peace that's beyond all understanding

That which the world didn't give and will not take away

Where the storm is strongest, most intense is my resting place

Finding reassurance, as I know my help comes

Chris G Peters


Chris G Peters were born on the most southerly gem in the necklace of islands spanning the Caribbean Sea. Here where the sun shines differently and set as though kissing the horizon, where coral reefs blooms, surf greets the sand, musical rendition of waves pounding the shore. A salty mist is in the air and the verdant beauty of nature abounds everywhere. Learn more.