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At its core, philosophy employs rational thought in various, vain, efforts to find answers to one's existence; how we came, our purpose, how do we know that we know the world as it is, how it impacts us, and how we relate to it. All civilizations with their many philosophical schools and thoughts, employed these varied approaches: epistemology, ontology, aesthetics, logic, ethics, political philosophy, and metaphysics.
These approaches have also been the essence of all early, medieval, and modern-day philosophers. Philosophy's rational approach has influenced Western Christianity's religious thought, whereas a more mystical path has influenced Coptic, Oriental, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Others like Sufism in Islam and Yoga in Buddhism and Hinduism, where an opening up of oneself to spiritual encounters, employing short repetitious prayers via chants.

Yet in all our attempts, questions are still left unanswered; how can man limited to time, space and finite, understand That which dwells outside of time and never had a beginning nor an ending. In short, infinite. Through poetry we will bring these philolosophical schools together and show how our purpose and meaning emanate from thought and how it can enhance our journey throughout a life time.


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Chris G Peters was born on the most southerly gem in the necklace of islands spanning the Caribbean Sea. Here where the sun shines cheerfully enjoying a cool tropical breeze, habitually bringing in golden sunsets as though kissing the horizon. A beach is never far away, where coral reefs bloom, surf greets the sand, creating musical renditions as waves counstantly pound the shores. A salty mist fills the air and the verdant beauty of nature abounds everywhere. Called, 'La Trinity' after the three southern mountain ranges. Trinidad is known for its exotic cosmopolitan population and culture, seen in its many ethnic cuisines. It is home to the largest of only three pitch lakes in the world and is also known for carnival and calypso. The heating and beating of the oil drum from which melodious sounds come, is known worldwide as the steel pan, the only musical invention of the 20th century.

Trinidad logoFrom humble beginnings, Chris migrated to the USA in 1996, stayed briefly in New York City, then left for Indianapolis Indiana where he still resides. He is married for over thirty years, and has two adult daughters and a furry four legged one. The family owns a landscaping company, The Peters Group LLC, and a foundation, The Peters Group Foundation Inc. Both are seen as vehicles to  meet physical, spiritual, motivational, educational and social needs. Faith is cental to all human iteractions, both through their company and foundation. Chris holds multiple degrees from various educational institutions and believes, "One should take care of themselves as only they can do that job right and your health is truly your wealth". The untimely passing of his two brothers, both with still so much to offer and their dearest mother who never got over their deaths, Chris got back on the journey he started some thirty five years ago. May all who read be inspired to look and persistently endeavor to go beyond to observe with the heart and mind.
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