We are glad you stop by. Have you ever loved or been loved by someone, admired them, patterned your life after them? You looked forward to having them around, enjoyed a home cooked meal, their sense of humour, dry or wet, or just a listening ear to your heartfelt concerns, made the difference in your life. We have known such a person, and for all they have meant to us, we would say they were the 'true influencer'. Yet for all that, amidst all the legacies they left us, one looms large and is most influential, its certainty stares us from the moment we came into life, the'legacy of death'. We like they will come face to face with it, as all that ever lived.

The power of thought is endless and can live on in the lives of others even after they are separated from this life in death. The body can be destroyed but not an idea, a thought. It transcends the fractured limits of the body. This body we were given is simply a faint precursor for that which is to come, in so much so, eyes have not seen, ears heard, nor has it entered into our hearts that which is coming our way.  

Poetry as ancient as philosophy captures thought to give us a sense of being. Why are we here, our purpose and our truest meaning.  Many philosophers were poets who saw the approaches as one and the same, expressing philosophy through poetry or vice versa. Life is more a poetic journey than we might think.The  poems and articles you will read, aim to marry the two, to show their essense to our unique existence and the rhythms of our lives. Our coming forth was involuntary, yet we were given part of this life's space for some reason.

In vain through all our earthly sages, we will never come to an understanding of life's paradox and in the end, only to realize our days in time are numbered and be reminded that for all we know, we still know nothing. Our bodies ache, they break to exit this space of time. They momentarily teach us to know and number our days, then apply our hearts unto wisdom. 

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