I think

I think


I think of the moment I opened my eyes 

In my consternation, there was a pair looking back at me

Others smiling joyfully as if to say, "welcome!"

When I felt the warmth of a breast, my head on a chest


I think of; unlike others, I forgot the early years of life

When carefree, time had no meaning, days turn to nights, nights turn to days

All around in my gaiety, pleasures abound for me to find

Looked in the mirror, saw what looked at me, and knew it was mine


I think of all those, like me, who once occupied a space 

Will fond memories come to mind of me, a life of service embrace?

Room was carved out for all, now they are no more

As in sleep, they rest in a place waiting to explore


I think of how similar we are, the oneness we share

Often left to wonder, what a beautiful world this could be if we dare to care

The simple things that unite us, more than which divide

Then when I think I forgot, I remember.

Chris G Peters


Chris G Peters were born on the most southerly gem in the necklace of islands spanning the Caribbean Sea. Here where the sun shines differently and set as though kissing the horizon, where coral reefs blooms, surf greets the sand, musical rendition of waves pounding the shore. A salty mist is in the air and the verdant beauty of nature abounds everywhere. Learn more.