Woman You're Enough

May 18, 2024

Woman, You're Enough 


Who is this I see sauntering, dressed in garments of light

Rays hit my eyes, for a moment I'm blinded

Your form of beauty though covered, still shines through

As no other, I'm breathless to touch, what else is there to do


Your hair grasps the wind, texture speaks, invites me to touch

My hands comb through, I know, I'm in love so much 

Skin delicately, supple, some firm and tight

Wills me to hold, become my utmost delight


I find comfort in your river that flows, my head placed in the row of your breasts

Hearing your heartbeat, it's here, I'm most at rest

I rested some time ago in a place I would soon come to know

I felt my loss, though I didn't know, I'd come to love you so


Life's precious gift given, from whose body all would come

A better part has come, the women of my life all seen as one

Where would I be when I dare to deceive, violate, grieve

My fountain of life for all I now receive


In awe I look to you, clearly, I'll keep you in view

No longer a curse, my pledge to you, daily renew

To love, honor, serve, and protect with my life 

In joy I'll not decline if you willingly become my wife


Your crown will outlast that of many a kingly diadem 

I'll need no other that you my mother, my wife, my sister, my aunt, my friend

You are the light of my world, I see reflections in your eyes

With you in my life, time didn't linger here, it flies 

Chris G Peters


Chris G Peters were born on the most southerly gem in the necklace of islands spanning the Caribbean Sea. Here where the sun shines differently and set as though kissing the horizon, where coral reefs blooms, surf greets the sand, musical rendition of waves pounding the shore. A salty mist is in the air and the verdant beauty of nature abounds everywhere. Learn more.